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We were so exited and danced all night. The DJ played our playlist and added to it songs I never thought about. Thanks so much for keeping up with our demanding crowd. Our guests were dancing barefooted; so you more then won them over.
Thank you for such an amazing night
Jen & Pat Benjamin
October 2019
It was amazing! Thank you.
We had so many different age groups and we were worried that some would not have fun or even dance. I can't believe he had my mom and aunt in a dance-off!! I would never have believed it if I did not see the pictures. Our family has never had such a fun reunion. Kudos to your DJ
marina dalmas
August 2019
Thank you for saving our ceremony. You were so fast to just take your own equipment when the one that was provided failed. I will always be grateful. And the whole night was just magic. The music never stopped and you kept Jay on that dance floor with all his buddies. Great line dancing btw .. You Rock!
denise Sullivan
June 2018